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Q: Are most of your shows sold out?

A: You may see a lot of vehicles parked near our theater, but the Loma has only had 3 sellouts in the four years of being open. If you are concerned about showing up and not being able to buy a ticket at showtime, you may purchase tickets in advance at our box office or online at 

Q: Do NMT students get into shows for free?

A: The Loma Theater does not grant free admission to Tech students. However, there are many free student shows throughout the school year sponsored by student groups.  Contact NMT Student Government Association for details.

Q: Why don't you show more than one movie at a time and why do you keep the same movie for two weeks or longer?

A: We book our movies through the movie studios. They set the terms for what we can show and for how long.

Q: When did the theater reopen and who actually owns it?

A: The theater was reopened November 1, 2017. First State Bank owns the actual theater, NMT remodeled and has provided the equipment for the theater, and the business itself is owned by On the Break Entertainments, LLC.

Q: Why are you only open on the weekends?

A:  We are considered a "weekend theatre" by the movie industry. As Socorro grows, the needs for a "calendar theater"  (open 365 days a year) will be considered.

Q: How many seats are in the theater?

A: 217

Q: Can I rent out the theater for a private showing? Do you do school field trips?

A: Email us or call for details. We grant schools special discounts.

Q: Why do some movies have black bars on each side of the picture?

A: Movies are filmed in either scope format or flat format. Movies filmed in flat format will have bars on each side.

Q: Why are free movie passes considered "free" but cost $7.50 to purchase?

A: Customers who purchase movie passes are not reselling the passes, but are typically buying them to give away to someone else as a gift or prize. Thus, the person receiving the pass could use it to get into any movie for free.

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